Canada QUIZ

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1.  Who was the first Canadian Prime Minister?

   Sir John A. Macdonald

   Pierre Elliott Trudeau

   Brian Mulroney

   Joe Clark

2.  What was the most important political office of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's career?

   Prime Minister

   Minister of the Revenue and the Interior

   Liberal leader

   President of the Private Council

3.  Where did the Fenians originally come from?



   Great Britain


4.  To which essential part of the Canadian History did Robert Baldwin and Louis-Hyppolite La Fontaine's work lead to?

   The union of the Upper and the Lower Canada

   The implementation of the women's suffrage at the federal scale

   The creation of the Royal Canadian Navy

   The creation of the Confederation

5.  Who was the first woman to be Prime Minister?

   Kim Campbell

   Doris Anderson

   Emily Carr

   Thérèse Casgrain

6.  When was the movement for the human rights for women initiated?





7.  Which of these facts is not part of Sir Wilfrid Laurier's accomplishments?

   The creation of the Royal Canadian Navy

   The implementation of the women's suffrage

   The entry of Alberta into the Confederation

   The growth and prosperity in Canada

8.  What was the first Canadian Province to implement the women's suffrage in 1916?





9.  Sir Wilfrid Laurier is the Prime Minister who's had the longest uninterrupted mandate in the Canadian history. How long did it last?

   10 years

   15 years

   20 years

   17 years

10.  When did Québec implement the women's suffrage?





11.  What was the reason for the Fenians to invade Canada?

   The conflict between Scotland and Great Britain

   The conflict between Great Britain and Ireland

   The conflict between Ireland and Scotland

   The conflict between Wales and Ireland

12.  When did women get the right to vote at the federal level?





13.  Who recommended the Union of the Upper and the Lower Canada in 1837?

   Lord Durham

   Sir Wilfrid Laurier

   Pierre Elliott Trudeau

   John A. Macdonald